In the northwest Victoria Highlands in Canada, there's a neighborhood located on the edge of an undeveloped park. It's a situation that has enabled unwelcome visits to residences by cougars.

Luckily, when one of the big cats wanders into the yard, there are a couple of brave pets like Kovu and Teaka, whose owners are at once happy for the protection and concerned that these dangerous cats are coming that close to their homes.

Kovu's owner, Khanh Vu, heard this disturbance and grabbed his camera.

He landed a keeper.

This video really fascinates me beyond the "wow" factor of actually seeing domesticated animals engage in an encounter with a wild one. I'm intrigued that the dogs never actually attack the cougar, despite the fact that they don't seem that afraid of it. By the same token, the cat, which occupies a high rung on the food chain ladder, isn't exactly running away.

Now, we'll never know what happens there at the end of the video when the cougar actually does make a move, but I'd imagine the linked story would indicate as much if there was an actual attack. Or the video wouldn't have been posted.

Regardless, this is mesmerizing. I've already watched it twice.

And, now, here I go again.