He talked about being impressed with his young team's abilities. He talked about his dream of coaching a 40-0 team. He even mentioned White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Ah, it must be a John Calipari press conference.

Friday night, Big Blue Nation will get its first look at the freshman class heralded in most circles as the greatest ever when Big Blue Madness hits TV screens, iPads, and computer monitors across the Commonwealth...and likely beyond.

Serious UK fans should be hoping that all the hype surrounding these kids doesn't go to their heads, because that's a sure-fire recipe for chemistry issues on down the line.

That said, most analysts who've had a chance to spend some time with these guys or who've been allowed to watch them practice are very impressed with their level of maturity and enthusiasm for the coming season.

And Coach John Calipari has said that, after working with this team for a while now, they have the will to win.

And this team, and the individual players, were the clear focus--of course--of Coach Cal's press conference this week at Media Day.

Since he never hesitates to mention his team's flaws and the areas where each player must improve, Coach Cal being upfront about how much more talented these players are than he originally thought is a positive sign for the team and for Wildcat fans still smarting from a 21-12 season and an NIT first-round exit.

Something tells me results like last season's are off the table for '13-'14.