Recently, I wrote about how Kentucky basketball is hated by some as strongly as it is loved by many. For several years, I've known people who simply didn't like the 'Cats at all. After writing the piece, I learned that it's the fans that are the biggest turn-off. Not all the fans, obviously, but enough of them.

But I'd have to agree that the behavior exemplified by UK fans in Lexington last night would be a turn-off for anyone. After Kentucky's win over Louisville on Saturday, they were burning couches and flipping over cars. Well, last night, after UK claimed the national title, couches again got the short end of the stick and several arrests were made. One man was even shot in the leg, which was later amputated.



These morons act like Kentucky isn't the winningest program in the land. This is their EIGHTH title. How about acting like you've been here before? Is this the way to celebrate something really special? By acting like you're prisoners and this is a riot? Is this how you want the rest of the world to perceive the Commonwealth of Kentucky? Because, that's what we're likely in for. The actions of a stupid few will be shown over and over again. THAT'S how Kentucky will be in the news. I guess some people just can't be happy anymore with a great victory. They have to resort to violence. Yeah, that's makes sense.