Four, count 'em. Four. Four players that are ranked #1 at their respective positions. That's what the Kentucky Wildcats will have when the 2013-14 college basketball season begins now that power forward Julius Randle has announced that he will play for UK.

One of the most ridiculously talented recruiting classes we've ever known just became the BEST recruiting class we've ever known.

Randle, the top PF in the 2013 class joins the #1 point guard Andrew Harrison; his twin brother, the #1 shooting guard Aaron Harrison; and the #1 center Dakari Johnson.

Plus there's small forward James Young who, like Randle and the Harrisons, is in the overall top 10. Johnson and power forward Marcus Lee are in the overall top 20.

This is insane. It's also, likely, a nice balm for 'Cat fans still scalded from a sub-standard season and a first-round NIT defeat at the hands of Robert Morris.

Here's a look at Randle in action plus Julius discussing his philosophy about the game: