It could be that negative comments were the reason. Other theories hold that it was simply a distraction. But whatever ultimately is the explanation, members of the University of Kentucky Wildcat basketball team have suspended or deleted their Twitter accounts.

Both are good reasons to shut 'er down. And, both, sadly, are plausible reasons to shut 'er down. It has been reported that UK players began receiving negative comments on their Twitter accounts following Saturday's home loss to Baylor and so they just decided to cut their losses and not take that crap anymore.

It's shameful that the lunatic fringe of Big Blue Nation just doesn't have a filter and feels compelled to hammer away at a bunch of kids simply because they aren't something previous kids were.

I know any number of Kentucky fans--every one of them intelligent and level-headed. And I know any number of people who hate Kentucky basketball just because of how obnoxious some Kentucky fans can become. This is just another bad example.

Now, it's been indicated that there's no confirmation that the negativity is the reason for the players turning off Twitter, but it's as good a reason as any.

Like, say, the distraction factor, for example. I'd have to say that unnecessary distractions are the last things these kids need. And if deleting their accounts to enhance their focus will help, who can argue?

There's so much these guys need to learn that none of us even realizes. I think they're just now getting a taste of the rabid passion that 'Cat fans have for their team. I get the feeling they didn't understand that until these last two losses.

This team is a work in progress and a bunch of irascible fans with itchy Twitter fingers isn't helping.