Some images show that the ball was out of Nerlens Noel's hands when the shot clock expired. Some don't. I saw a big fat zero on that shot clock before the ball left his hands, but the TV shot clock still showed "01." Regardless, the basket was counted. And Kentucky went on to beat Vanderbilt in Nashville, 60-58.

A similar thing happened at a Colorado/Arizona game a couple of weeks ago. Two different game clocks showed two different times, leading to another disputed result. The refs are taking heat, something they are used to doing. The clock operators are taking heat, something they might start have to get used to doing. But maybe, both instances were just too close to call with any certainty. And maybe we need better coverage of the games, just in case.

Well anyway, as the night wore on the bigger story became the realization that legendary coach Bob Knight, who was providing color commentary for the game, didn't seem to know the difference between the shot clock and the game clock. I mean obviously he does. That was just very bizarre. Which means it was in keeping with the rest of that basketball game.