It's called the Wildcat Coal Lodge. It sounds like a nice retreat in Eastern Kentucky where you might get away for the weekend...except that it's the palatial new digs of the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Why is "Coal" in the name, you might ask? Well, Joe Craft--president and CEO of Alliance Coal and the namesake for the practice facility, The Joe Craft Center--donated $7 million toward the construction of the lodge. And I guess when you chip in a wad of dough that size, you can have them name it whatever you want.

But once you take a tour of the facility--conducted by Coach John Calipari--you might realize what I have realized...this is another in a long line of Coach Cal recruiting tools. The facility will likely draw its share of criticism--nothing that happens at UK is ever completely free from scrutiny--and, as a matter of fact, it already has.

But it doesn't matter and it never will. John Calipari, in my opinion, does his job as well as anyone. For one thing, he gives back at every turn. His charitable endeavors are far-reaching. And he seems to have instilled that philosophy in his players.

Plus, his commitment to making sure the 'Cats are always capable of making a national championship run is on a par with the greatest coaching names in the history of the sport. I believe he is ALWAYS thinking of new ways to make the University of Kentucky the most attractive destination in America for any blue chipper out there.

It's n0 longer just about a nice conversation over coffee in some kid's living room.

It is 2012, and there have never been more work that needs to be done.