Ever since the final buzzer sounded and Kentucky claimed its 8th national title on Monday night, any reporter within a 10-foot radius of Anthony Davis has asked him if he was entering the 2012 NBA draft. (Pssst: I think he will.) So I would imagine that late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel won't waste any time doing the same thing when the freshman phenom visits "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight after "Nightline" on ABC. I guess it's a whole new world. Or maybe it's just Anthony Davis. I can't remember previous MVP's of title teams appearing on late night television after cutting down the nets. But maybe that's because those MVP's aren't as insanely talented as Davis. Regardless, Kimmel will likely be chatting up Davis about the title, the amazing season, and the truckload of player of the year awards he's collected. In fact, he's in Los Angeles to pick up one of those awards--the John R. Wooden Award. So why not stop by and see what Kimmel is up to?