I have my tickets!  Do you have yours?  The University of Southern Indiana Theatre Department proudly presents Avenue Q by Robert Lopez, Jeff Marx, and Jeff Whitty.  The show opened last Friday night and played to sell-out crowds over the weekend.  What do you expect from a musical that features puppets who sing, swear, and well, get jiggy on stage?  I saw Avenue Q a few years ago on Broadway and absolutely loved it.  And now, thanks to USI, I am getting the chance to see it again and take some friends along for the wild, zany, irreverent and hilarious ride.

In case you are not familiar with Avenue Q, here's a sneak peak for you.  This performance features the original Broadway cast on the 2004 Tony Awards.  The song is called "It Sucks To Be Me."

Told you it was hilarious!  And, yes, the puppets curse like sailors.  It's like Sesame Street for adults!

If you missed the weekend shows at USI, don't worry.  You have four more chances to catch it.  Performances run April 17th through the 20th and you get can your tickets by calling 1-812-465-1668 or by CLICKING HERE!  Tickets are $15 for adults.  USI student tickets are $10 and students from schools other than USI can get tickets for $13.

Performances are held inside USI's Mallette Studio Theatre.  I will be there Saturday night.  Hope to see you there!