This morning on the Tad Poll, we asked the question, "We're talking about Miss Kansas in this morning's TAD POLL! Have you all heard about this? This week Theresa Vail became the 1st Miss America contestant to walk the runway with visible tattoos. Seems some like it, some don't. What do YOU think?"

Most of the tri-state embraced Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas' body art including the WBKR DJs.

Chad: I judge and emcee lots of beauty pageants and my favorite contestants are always the ones who break the mold. I think Miss Kansas is a rock star and I appreciate her waving the flag of individuality. Of course, I am a tattoo fan anyway so I may be biased. After all, my personal goal is to eventually get so many tattoos that I look lik ea Death Row inmate.

Moon: What tattoo? I didn't notice. :)

Dave: If I were a judge, I wouldn't consider the tattoo. I don't believe the tattoo, in and of itself, is the sum total of her personality and experience. To judge someone based solely on body art is ridiculous. Besides, it's the serenity prayer. Now, although I wouldn't consider the tattoo, I don't believe the actual pageant judges should be criticized if they choose to. They're entitled to their opinions.


  • Lou Ann BearleyI think it's beautiful and tasteful. I'm so glad she is doing this and showing that beauty is not a cookie cutter thing. Beauty really comes from within and looks different.

  • Tosha Strong She is beautiful, in the military, and apparently daring so I say go for it.

  • Brooke Lawrence Saw this last night! I'm so happy that these pageants are opening their eyes to today's society. I think she is stunning and her tattoos are just a small reflection of who she is and where she has been! So excited for her.
  • Amber Dawn Guynes Anymore, more people have tattoos than not. Luckily hers are well done lol. A little ink never hurt anybody (looking at it). Im glad she didnt cover them up and was proud to flaunt who she truly was!
  • Claude Laura Harper Done tastefully & especially if they give glory to God, there is absolutely nothing wrong with tattoos.
  • Katherine Riley I think it's about time these girls decide to show off the beauty of tattoos instead of hiding it that piece is an empowering message so she should be able to show it
  • Lisa BartlettI have the Serenity prayer on my desk at work! Good words to live by!!!!

  • Mike Moore Personally I'm not a fan of tattoos, but it's great we live in a country where we are free to make our on choices!
  • Miranda Harn I like it...It proves that even Miss America is human. She fits in and can set an example for a lot of young ladies now a days and can say you can have tattoos and still be beautiful too!!
  • Sheila Cravens Hopewell Why is everyone talking about her tattoo? Here choice of shoes for swimsuit is much more alarming!!
  • Glenda Harris No, some traditions do not need to be broken. What next.