Am I or Am I not just about the cutest thing you have ever seen?  Ain't braggin' when it's fact. My name's Wal-e, pronounced Wally. I am a good boy. Just 12 weeks old and looking for a new mama and daddy.I think either my mama or daddy was a pit bull. And, the other a terrier of some kind. But, what's lineage when you look this good? I mean, really.

I came into the world about 12 weeks ago. I am learning all kinds of new things like going outside to wee, playing nice with kids and other dogs and cats ... oh, they did something to me - you know- under there. They say I can't have children. Good!

I love to be held, too. I am so lovable it's pathetic.   I'll see you tomorrow at 8:20 with Moon here at BKR.

Moon here: If you are interested in this cutie, please email him at or call 270-684-4787.

Wal-e's Story...
Wal-e is as super cute 12 week old male puppy. He is very playful, but his favorite thing is to be held. Wal-e is working on his housetraining. When he first came to Sparky, he had seizures. He hasn't had more seizures since then.