It seems we've all done it. We've clicked on some video on Facebook and, just like that, our computers are infected with a virus. Or maybe, we've opened an e-mail that might as well have been called Pandora's Box and unleashed a world of evil on our hard drives. Any bored 20-something living in his grandmother's basement could infect our systems. But in recent years, Internet security has increased with a number of amazing programs that will put up a veritable armed fortress around our computers. Unfortunately, that hasn't left some hackers without options.

How many times have you been surfing the Internet only to be asked to download some type of software that's supposed to "help" you only to learn, far too late, that you've infected your computer with a virus? It's happened to me. A small screen will pop up--looking very threatening, I might add--warning me that 500 gazillion viruses are roaming all over my computer and that I need to download anti-virus software NOW or it's all over! We're talking desktop armadeddon here. Yep, now we're being tricked into downloading phony programs.  I guess one positive is the fact that this stuff is keeping us all on our toes. But it's not something we ever foresaw happening is it? It's a whole new world. Hey, we never had car accidents before there were cars, either.