I was walking down the hall past the WBKR studio, and I noticed Jaclyn talking into the microphone and positioned kind of funny...like she was ducking something. Well, she was.

The nice weather prompted someone to prop open the back door. And, when that happens you never know what you're going to let in. One time, I was on the air, and somebody's dog just walked down the hall. It was friendly, lucky for me.

But, today, we got a wasp. And Jac was none too pleased. In fact, she was so uneasy about the whole deal, she decided to go get a sandwich. I don't think it's how she normally reacts in a crisis situation; she'd already placed her order and it was ready. I call it a convenient way to exit the predicament for a legitimate reason.

It's still there, however. And it's perched on a red streamer left over from Chad's and Jimmy Parrott's birthday celebration in November. I keep moving the streamer. The wasp--whom we've named "Walter"--hasn't budged, other than flexing his wings, which looks a little disturbing. Jaclyn has nothing to worry about. I'm the one who's been tormenting the little guy, and I've got to go on the air soon. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.