Late last week, severe to extreme drought conditions prompted a water shortage declaration for West Daviess County. This shortage and subsequent declaration have now headed east, according to this release:

"General Manager Frankie Fulkerson, after consulting with Daviess County Emergency Management Director Richard Payne, has issued a water shortage declaration. This declaration is in the advisory stage which means the East Daviess County Water Association's treated water is near full pumping capacity.

When the system has reached full capacity, there may be periods of low water pressure in one or more areas of distribution. At this time, the East Daviess County Water Association requests voluntary conservation of non-essential public water use. Some examples of non-essential public water use that can be reduced or eliminated are: lawn and garden irrigation, filling swimming pools, and washing cars.

In-home water use should be conserved, and water leaks should be repaired. If irrigation is necessary, it should be done in late night hours between 11PM and 3AM. The term of this declaration shall remain in effect until water supplies or service conditions have returned to normal, at which time the declaration will be lifted. If the advisory stage or the request for voluntary conservation does not suffice, the declaration may be reissued at a different stage with different curtailment measures. "

This press release courtesy of the Daviess County Emergency Management Agency.