O.K.....so you're the mom, the provider, and the entertainer of the summer. Don't get down, unless by get down you mean dance around. I've got summer ideas for folks like me who are broke as a joke and in need of some fun!

First off you're gonna think I'm totally nuts but a walk can be a great way to exercise your little ones summer energy demons and give yourself time to think. I try to take at least two or three dusk or early evening walks a week. You would really be surprised how much energy you pick up from the extra exercise and how much it will help the kiddos wear down for bedtime.

Now for the activities that will carry a meager monetary cost. I'm talking crazy affordable. Owensboro has some great low priced activities for folks that are home with the kids during the daytime or caregivers. Try for instance the Kids Summer film Fest at Malco Cinema 16. I am all over this because for two bucks a head you can take your kiddos to the movies. I love seeing the movies we missed during their opening because taking a big family to the movies is so expensive! More importantly, I love that the Kids Summer Film Fest gives a portion of their proceeds to St. Jude Children's Hospital. It's a no brainer folks, and here is a link you can use to print a cool schedule to hang on the fridge. http://www.malco.com/index.php?page=owensboro

Now, and this is my total favorite, The Owensboro Museum of Science and History. It's extremely affordable at a few dollars per person as an entrance fee, or check out our sister station WOMI for a family membership through The Value Connection. You can even call our receptionist at 683-1558 and she will hook you up with a membership at a small portion of the usual cost. A membership is awesome because the museum has weekly activities and air conditioning. It's like visiting our local parks but with no humidity. Really people you have to love that. Hit the museum website at www.owensboromuseum.com. You can also check out The Value Connection at 1490womi.com and get great savings on lunch for the family or tickets to cool stuff like Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville. You can also click on the Seize The Deal link here at WBKR.COM which provides cool deals on hot summer stuff.  Have a safe, fun, and well priced summer and remember good times aren't based on a big price tag!