We've all heard the saying, "If you've got food to eat, thank a farmer". Well, here at WBKR, along with Moore Ford Chrysler, we want you to help us Thank A Farmer. We'll visit several farms around the Tri-State area, focusing on those who put food on your table.

Today, let's head out Hwy 431 to Utica and chat with Kevin Trunnell of Trunnell's Farm Market. We all know about their awesome Family Fun Acre, but we'll also talk about how he got his start and the delicious foods and products that Trunnell's has to offer.

The one thing that I always notice when I talk with anyone in the agriculture field (no pun intended, ha) is how passionate they are about what they do. Notice, Kevin said he'd never had a "real job". Farmers love what they do and pass that love on from generation to generation.

Check back later this week as we feature Gary Cecil and Cecil Farms Produce.
As always, WBKR, along with Moore Ford Chrysler, Thank A Farmer.