12 degrees.  That's how cold the water was Saturday for the 2014 Polar Bear Plunge.  12 degrees, People!  But, 157 plungers were there to jump in it anyway and help raise money for Special Olympics Kentucky.  I was going to plunge too . . . but had a change of heart when my friend David Bristow, from Southern Star, offered up an additional $100 to charity if he could push me in.  Naturally, I said "Yes!"  And the cameras were rolling.

I'm not gonna lie.  It was COLD!!  In fact, I'm not convinced I left the lake with all the body parts I had when I entered it.  Somewhere there's a fish swimming around with a very interesting, yet unfortunate popsicle.  But, heck!  It was worth it.  In fact, David is going to try to get Southern Star to match his donation, so my being pushed in could possibly have netted Special Olympics $200!

Among the 157 plungers was WBKR newbie Brett Wharff.  We call him "Puppy" because he's 22 . . . or 12.  And he really likes working in radio.  So, we've pledged to make sure Puppy understands EVERYTHING that comes with the territory.  In other words, we made him plunge too.

I love how he refused to comment following his plunge.  LOL!

The 2014 Polar Bear Plunge is in the books.  We raised nearly $30,000 for Special Olympics Kentucky and that money will be used to pay for athlete programs all over the state.  The Plunge is an awesome event for an amazing cause and, as cold as it is, still manages to warm our hearts every single year.