"How much is the guy who invented toilet paper worth?" "Does Jaclyn Graves like corn dogs?" "Where can I get some Just For Women hair dye for my beard?" "Do you ever feel like a white crayon...put there for a reason but you don't know why?" Pretty random, wouldn't you say? Pretty funny, too...and all because I had a "What the heck?" moment on Facebook. Yesterday afternoon, I was just sitting there in the studio, minding my own business, listening to Josh Turner's "Why Don't We Just Dance?" when I reached for the keyboard and posted on the WBKR Facebook page, "Random thought, anyone?" Well, you would have thought I'd asked to name a word with the letter "E" in it. 119 comments came in, and at a pretty good clip. Granted, multiple responses were given from only a handful of  Facebook friends, but it still was an incredible response...and to an afterthought, no less. Clearly, there were those who just had to get some really funny stuff off their chests. And lucky for all of us who get to enjoy them. We all need to laugh everyday. Here's a good way to do it.