This summer, WBKR has joined forces with the Cliff Hagan Boys and Girls Club in Owensboro to host a 6-week radio clinic.  During the course, select students have toured the radio station, learned about music and how it's programmed and they've even gotten the chance to write and record their own radio commercials.  Check out these videos.  During a recent class, students were challenged to write their own commercial spots for Holiday World and Splashin' Safari and the cameras were rolling.  See how they did!

Two additional groups took on the challenge as well.  Take a look.  And pay especially close attention to the trio who just rock it out for the camera.  Lol!

Our 6-week radio program is set to conclude in a week and the students will spend their final day of class getting the chance to be on air live in the WBKR studio during Jaclyn's show.  Be sure to tune in Monday, July 15th between 10am and 11 to see how they do.