Someone once asked me what would be the least likely topic about which I'd write a blog. I didn't have an answer at the time, but I'd guess "prom" would be right up there.

But here's the thing: while this blog is about proms, I'm not writing it.

Jenny Beth Willis is. Take it away Jenny Beth:


Thats right everybody, its PROM SEASON! Ask any of my friends what my favorite thing about high school is, and they will tell you school dances, but especially prom! I just love everything about it. I am a senior this year, but so far I have attended 3 proms, and will be attending 2 more this year! So here are a few of my tips to make sure you have the prom of your dreams!

#1 All About The Dress - Of course you need a fabulous dress for prom! I always try to pick a dress that is unique, and is something that not a lot of girls will have, because who wants to show up wearing the same dress as someone else? No one! Also, make sure you get alterations ASAP. You don't want to be waiting at the last minute to see if your dress fits!

#2 Makeup and Hair - Well now that you have your gorgeous dress, you should figure out how you want your makeup to look. I usually just watch makeup tutorials on YouTube that show you step by step what to do, and its always worked for me in the past! Or you can make an appointment at ULTA, I've heard they do a wonderful job!  Oh, and don't forget the fake eyelashes! ;) Be sure to book your hair appointment in advanced, and wear a button up shirt or jacket when you get your hair done. That way you wont have to pull a shirt over your hair and mess it up!

#3 Flowers - Of course it is the boy's responsibility to get your flowers, but don't forget to get his boutonniere! I recommend going to Welborn's or Kroger. Make sure you place your order a week and a half or so in advanced!

#4 Dinner - Dinner is a very important part of prom, so make sure you pick someplace nice! I went to the Country Club last year and it was so nice. I think Colby's and The Miller House are great options as well! Going to a friend's house for dinner is always super fun, too!

#5 Pictures - Make sure you take pictures! I cannot stress this enough. Pictures are so important. If you want a pretty place to take pictures before dinner, I suggest Cap Gardener Park. It has the cutest little gazebo, and lots of pretty flowers that make for gorgeous pictures! Plus, not a whole lot of people go there, so you won't have to worry about waiting on other couples!

I guess thats about everything! I hope I've helped you and I hope you all have the prom of your dreams! Have fun!!