The WBKR Poole Pharmacy Care St Jude Radiothon has had so much magic this afternoon. Let's see it in pictures. But, first. Call 1-800-201-8883 and put $20 on your credit or debit card and you will become a Partner in Hope.

We can always count on Eyewitness News's Wayne Hart. He has been a regular visitor to the WBKR St Jude Radiothon every year. And, today was no exception. Thanks Wayne!

Chad, Wayne Hart, Jaclyn
Ryan Himes and Danielle Wilson singing in studio

The fabulous Ryan Himes, spiritual leader extraordinaire with Danielle Wilson singing on the air at WBKR. Then, Chad and Jaclyn join Ryan on the keyboard (not really).

Chad, Ryan Himes, Jaclyn at the keys
Monica's kids, Emma and Carson, and two unidentified children with Chad and Jaclyn

Sorry about the unidentified twosome. But they raised over $800 for us!

Now, look here ...Nicholas Grant is in MY seat looking at MY Kimberly Perry picture. He could be the next Moon. Oh, no, heaven forbid.

Nicholas Grant in Moon's seat

Now, in the last two hours of the St Jude Radiothon each year, WBKR's Weekend Warrior Barb Birgy takes over. Thus, Chad calls her "The Anchor".

Barb Birgy the Anchor

At WBKR, who works at Wax Works (she's a big time executive) in the real world, we LOVE Barb.

Then, a big surprise visit from Shawn Jennings Kohrs of St. Charles, MO. He is a huge supporter of the Lane Goodwin Foundation. I mean, just look at Jaclyn in front of his truck!

Jaclyn and the Lane Truck

Here's Shawn with his local fans who brought him and the Lane Truck over to WBKR.

Dawn Latham, Shawn Jennings Kohrs, Michelle Vincent, Kelly Peay