Have YOU ever had a mug shot?  Well, if you're a WBKR Facebook friend, you are about to . . . if you're lucky!  Starting Monday morning, we are bringing back one of our most popular contests.  Yep!  MUG SHOT returns!  And, it's your chance to win tickets to see Lady Antebellum, Brantley Gilbert, WBKR Night at the Opry and more!  Wanna know how you can become "WANTED" and win?  Keep reading!

If you are a WBKR Facebook friend, your work is essentially done.  But, beware!  Your photo albums are fair game.  And we may turn any one of your photos into a MUG SHOT!

Here's how the contest works and how to play . . .

#1-  Make sure you go to WBKR's Facebook page and "LIKE" us!  If you are already a WBKR Facebook friend, you are already qualified to win.  And, yes, we've been looking through your photo albums to find really embarrassing photos of you!  LOL!

#2-  Listen for our special ALL POINTS BULLETIN.  It will air three times each weekday (March 31st through April 18th).  It will air once daily during The WBKR Waking Crew, once during Jac's Midday Show and once each afternoon during The Drive Home with Dave Spencer. These APB's are very important.

#3-  When you hear our ALL POINTS BULLETIN or see a Facebook post with information about a new MUG SHOT being released to the general population, visit WBKR.com immediately to find out whose MUG SHOT is on display and which WBKR listener is WANTED!

#4-  If YOU are the WANTED subject, you will have exactly 9 minutes and 25 seconds to TURN YOURSELF IN to the WBKR studios by calling 270-926-WBKR or 1-800-844-WBKR!

#5-  If you do this within the time frame given and you are indeed our WANTED listener, you will win tickets to one of the following concert events: Lady Antebellum, Brantley Gilbert or WBKR Night at the Opry!  That's right!  At WBKR, it pays to turn yourself in.

It's that easy and it's super fun!!  So, be watching WBKR.com for your MUG SHOT!  I sure hope yours looks better than this . . .

Photo from Comic Genius Josh Brust