The 2011 PUMPKINFEST is in the books.  Thousands of people visited the Owensboro Sportscenter this past weekend for carnival rides, hamster balls, funnel cakes, hamburgers, Pet Parades, talent contests, games and more.  WBKR morning guy, Chad Benefield, visited PUMPKINFEST on opening day and brought along Whitney the Intern to give you a guys a sample of what the annual festival has to offer!  So, come along!  We're going to give you an entertaining overview of the festival, then sample some of the goodies . . . like funnel cakes, German Roasted Nuts and more!

So, now that you've had your crash course in what the PUMPKINFEST has to offer . . . let's get a little more up close and personal.  Some friends of mine run the LITTLE ONES ACADEMY food booth and they have EVERYTHING you can imagine.  So, Whitney the Intern and I decided to introduce you to the gang and what they were serving up for PUMPKINFEST!

See, it pays to have friends . . . especially when they own and operate a festival food booth.  The LITTLE ONES ACADEMY tent is deep-fried heaven!  And, you didn't see this on the video, after we ate the funnel cake and the Snow Cones, we got to eat a big old plate of fried green tomatoes!  Usually when I think of Fried Green Tomatoes I think of Kathy Bates wearing nothing but Saran Wrap.  But not anymore (Thank the Lord)!!  Because of this awesome food booth, now I think of gigantic funnel cakes and Dreamsicle Snow Cones!  They were INCREDIBLE!!  Thanks, LITTLE ONES!!

And, while I would like to tell you that, after stuffing our faces like we're auditioning for The Biggest Loser, Whitney and I reigned ourselves in and quit eating, we didn't.  In fact, I ran into my good friends, Murray and Ava, who run another food booth of sorts . . . the GERMAN ROASTED NUT booth!  So, Whitney the Intern and I decided to get a little "nutty!"

Yep!  They were delicious.  (And, for the record and to taunt the intern a bit, I hoarded that box I'm holding in the video and took it home with me.  Sorry, Whitney!  You snooze, you lose!)  In addition to all the food booths at PUMPKINFEST, they are many craft and vendor booths as well.  And the intern and I came across some really nice folks at the MARS PUPPETS booth.  And our new friend Dan gave us a video tutorial on how to "walk" a puppet, while his wife gave us lessons in how to make them.  Check it out!

So, there you have it!  A few of our video highlights from the 2011 PUMPKINFEST!  If you missed the big event this year, mark your calendars for next year.  PUMPKINFEST is truly a wonderful fall festival and we're lucky to have it here in Owensboro!  To all the organizers of the event . . . you all ROCKED!  The 2011 PUMPKINFEST was bigger and better than ever and we can't wait to come hang out with you again in 2012!