Who wants to be in a cool local video? Our buddy, P.J. Starks, is shooting a promotional video tomorrow for Owensboro's new Moonlight Ride event.

To be a part of this video, just come out to the Owensboro Convention Center Tuesday, March 11th at 6:30 PM!

We're creating a cool, dance-party atmosphere. So, we need some Zumba folks, people who can line dance, bust a move, Tootsie roll it, etc! We also need bike riders so bring your 10-speed, Huffy or whatever you roll on and get your gang down to the Owensboro Convention Center!

 About the Moonlight Ride to Benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Here at WBKR, we are so excited to be involved with a brand new event here in the City of Owensboro.  And we're even more thrilled that the Moonlight Ride will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Here's the scoop on what we have planned for this exciting moonlight bike ride!

The Moonlight Bike Ride will take place on Friday, June 13th in downtown Owensboro!  The actual 12-mile bike ride begins at 10pm and EVERYONE is invited to attend and participate.  This event is NOT a race, so all age groups and skill levels are welcome.  Dress up in costumes!  Decorate your bikes!  And get ready to circle the town!

But make your plans to join us early!  Before the bike ride, we're going to be having a HUGE pre-party from 7pm to 10 at Mitch McConnell Plaza.  There will be a Nashville DJ and an insane outdoor dance party.   I will be there emceeing and shakin' my groove thang too!  There with Zumba, line dancing (Cha Cha Slide, The Wobble, etc) and more.  It's gonna be awesome.

Plus there will be a bike decorating contest, costume contest and special stories and videos from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.

This is event is gonna be SO COOL!  And, as for the Moonlight Ride itself, here's the route!

Registrations for the Moonlight Ride are coming soon.  To get more information about the event and find out when you'll be able to register, visit the Moonlight Ride's official website!