Football season is here and after some research, I came across a big rule book dealing with Jersey's.  This can help answer questions about choosing a jersey to wear for the season.




First off - You need to wear a jersey of an active player or a player that is in the Hall of Fame.  No washed up players that have their fame light turned off.

2 - Age is everything, my friends at 700 WLW in Cincinnati say that 14 is the age limit for wearing a jersey, that is too young.  I'll put the limit at 35.

3 - Timing Timing Timing - Wearing a football jersey during the NBA season is a huge no no, and the same goes for the other way around.  The only way to get around this is to say that you DVR'd all the NFL games and you have a date with the couch tonight to watch the game.

4 - Know some history - If you are wearing a Troy Polamalu jersey and someone asks you why you like him.  Don't say you like his hair and think his Head and Shoulders commercials are funny.  Stand strong and give them the stats! But don't ask me about his stats.  I don't even like the Steelers.

5 - Jersey Fashion - Never tuck a jersey into your pants or shorts!