Yesterday, before our big severe weather event, we got word that the civil defense sirens were not working in Nortonville, KY. That's a pretty frightening situation--one that prompted all of us to stress the importance of having a NOAA Weather Radio in your possession. I had a call from a fellow in Hartford, KY a few minutes ago. He was asking for the Ohio County frequency for his weather radio. A great and relevant question!

My initial reaction was that I had no idea. But before those ill-advised words left my mouth, I Googled "noaa weather radio frequency for ohio county ky." I went right to the section of NOAA's site that lists those frequencies. And there are two for Ohio County. But if you simply Google "NOAA Weather Radio frequencies" you'll get every frequency used for every state and territory in the U.S. A word to the wise is sufficient.  And thanks to my buddy in Hartford for the tip.