Now that fall is here, there are many aspects of the season to enjoy! From pumpkin in just about every form to the cooler weather and the fall sports, there is so much about fall we all love.

Another one of the aspects I love about fall is the color change that comes with it. The leaves turn a multitude of colors making everything feel a little warmer. If you enjoy the fall leaf changes, then here is something that may help you enjoy it even more!

ColorFall 2013 is in full swing to help you keep track of the fall leaf changes. Put together by the Kentucky Department of Parks and the Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism, ColorFall provides information on the leaf changes by naturalists at parks across the state.

There is a website you can visit by clicking here to find out more. It also helps you plan trips to parks to get the best viewing of the changes. You can also find information on the site about fall events.

With fall in full swing, I think I am going to get out and enjoy all of the great things this season has to offer! I hope you get the chance to do the same.