I guess you can rank anything any way. For example, you could have the Top 10 songs of all time OR you could have the Top 10 songs of all time...that contain a girl's name that begins with the letter "B."

You could have the 10 best desserts OR you could have the 10 best desserts...that contain butterscotch.

You get the idea.

Well, now thrillist.com has compiled a list of the 50 states.

It isn't some mundane category like most populous. No, the pop culture website has ranked all 50 states according to the quality of their food and beverages.

And the commentary is particularly funny toward the bottom. Although, if you like buffalo burgers, South Dakota WILL rank higher on your list than it did on theirs.

Anyway, this is a fun list. And a funny one, too. And, if you're traveling, it's not a bad thing to keep handy. If you get into an area with which you are not familiar, you'll know what kind of grub to look for.

Oh, and did you see where Kentucky is ranked? Apparently, bourbon goes a long way with these folks.