So, I Googled 12-12-12. I got all sorts of things, including a math problem. Yep, 12-12-12 = -12. Well, I kinda figured that. See, I wanted to find out what's happening on this rarest of occasions. It only happens once a century, after all.

Ironically, my Google search led me to a website called which was promoting a "Journey to the Land of the Maya." Geez, haven't the Mayans already been up in our grill enough with that calendar of theirs. We are nine days away from the end, after all.

Well, it just so happens that this "Journey to the Land of the Maya" has been cancelled. I had to laugh. I mean they're the ones who've proclaimed that it's all over next Friday. They even inspired Hollywood to put out a lame movie about it.

So, what does this website do? It creates an excursion that has to be cancelled...nine days before the big finale. Now, the website confused me by actually addressing the Mayan calendar. But it's saying that today is the end of time and that the planet will start being reborn tomorrow. Something like that.

But that does throw me off. I mean, a site organizing trips to Mayan country should know when that calendar runs out of pages, right? And, after double-checking, we are still on for 12/21/12. We will not be cheated out of nine days.

But we sure have had a lot of fun with all this stuff. Certainly, some of us will miss it when it's gone.

Unless...we're ALL gone.