This is BIZARRE!  While I am an advocate of regularly-maintained personal hygiene and I most certainly encourage all my friends and listeners to bathe and groom on a regular basis, I find this disturbing.  It's basically a vacuum cleaner for your ears.  That's right.  Not kidding.  The Wax Vac actually sucks the wax out of your canals.  WATCH!

Now, maybe I am a little old-fashioned.  Maybe I am just "old-school" and prefer the tender caress of a Q-Tip.  Maybe I am unlike those people in the video and know better not to ram a cotton swab into my eardrum.   I am sorry!  Who actually does that?  What genius shoves a Q-Tip in so far on the left it pokes out the other side?

And here's another question I have.  Where is this wax going?  And why is being stored?  Does the Wax Vac have a contract with Yankee Candle Company?  Is the debris from my ear going to end up in a jar of Lemon Lavender, Vanilla Cupcake or Meadow Showers?  I certainly hope not.

People, I am all for convenience.  I applaud cutting-edge technology.  But, to me, this just seems like the next step in Flowbee evolution.  It's one thing to suck the hair off your head as you cut it.  But it's quite another to suction the wax out of your skull.

Are you feeling me?  Are you hearing me?  If you're not . . . and you cite excess ear wax as the culprit . . . just use a Q-Tip.  It has to be easier, right?   Heck, you can even buy generic.  The cheap flimsy ones.  Is anyone out there really resorting to cleaning your ear out with a miniature Dirt Devil?  Seriously . . .