I recently wrote up a Weird News Wednesday blog for Indiana, so I was put to the challenge to see if I could find some crazy stories that happened in Kentucky. Well, I found a few that might make you scratch your head.

Consumer Report: Meth Makes Carpet Sparkle

In April 2013, police in Louisville were called to respond to a man eating "sparkles" from the floor at a Burlington Coat Factory. The officers found the man alone in the shoe section consuming lent from the carpet, and after searching the man identified as Jeffrey Wagner, they discovered a bag of Loritabs and a bag of crystal meth along with another bag of unknown pills and unknown powder. According to reports, Wagner admitted to smoking meth before entering the store and was charged with possession of a controlled substance as well as public intoxication.

A Menace to Society on Behalf of God and Country

Here's another story that occurred in Louisville.

In August 2012, James Crittenden walked into a gas station around 10 am and was eventually caught trying to light a toilet seat on fire in the men's restroom. He claimed that he was doing it for "religious reasons", and when police arrived at the scene Crittenden was charged with first-degree arson, terroristic threatening, and public intoxication. Not to make this guy out to be a weirdo or anything, but he had another run-in with the police earlier that year when he was arrested for huffing cans of Reddi-wip in a ValuMarket that he'd already been banned from for disorderly conduct. In that particular instance, he claimed that US Constitution granted him the authority. I guess we all missed the whipped cream clause...

Pizza Wasted?

Another Louisville incident!

In October 2011, police found a man named Donn Adams next to his car in a ditch, and Adams was acting a bit disoriented, stating that he had only 2 pizzas to drink for lunch. At this point, the cops were extremely suspicious, and while Adams refused to have them search his car, a couple syringes filled with a brown liquid were in plain sight in Adams' car. He was eventually arrested on charges of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Don't Make Me Get My Sword...

Ooh, look! Another Louisville incident, and like the previous story, pizza plays a part!

In May 2011, Wynika Mason was involved in a heated argument at the Pizza Hut on the corner of 7th and Dixie Highway and decided to unsheath a sword, causing a disturbance amongst the restaurant employees and customers.  Police arrived, confiscated the sword from Mason's brother's vehicle, and then she was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Mr. Johnson Takes "Horsing Around" To a Whole 'Nother Level

The last story isn't from Louisville, but it's pretty sick. In July 2011, Nathan Johnson was arrested in Paducah after a witness called the authorities claiming she saw a man having . . . hmmm . . . "relations" with a horse in Carson Park. An investigation followed, and Johnson was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty...again. Yes, the same man was arrested under suspicion of the same crime at the same park in 2002.

What do you think of these weird news stories? Do you have any stories that are worthy of this level of weirdness? You can share by posting a comment via Facebook below!