We're a couple weeks into the latest season of Dancing With The Stars and we've lost another Dancing hopeful.  Last night, the bottom three celebs were Chris Jericho, Wendy Williams and Kendra Wilkinson.  So, who is the latest star to ushered out by his/her two left feet?  Who "walked the dinosaur" out the door?  Who did the "twist" off the cast list?  Who did the "mashed potato" to the tune of "see ya later?"  Okay, I'll stop!

After the lights were dimmed and the dramatic music swelled, radio and tv star Wendy Williams was sent home.  On Monday, Wendy received the lowest scores from the judges and, obviously, the lowest number of votes from the audience at home too.  Her stint on the show was short-lived, but she was still thankful she had the chance to compete!  And, Wendy had the best line of the results show when she said, "Contrary to stereotypes, this is one black girl who can't do the running man!"  Wendy is hilarious and her sense of humor will be missed!

As for Chris Jericho and Kendra Wilkinson, who were also "in jeopardy" last night, they need to regroup a bit.  However, I thought Jericho, who paid tribute to his late mother Monday night, and Kendra, who lashed out at her critics through dance, both did fairly well this week.  But the fact that both ended up the bottom three illustrates the brutal truth of this year's season of Dancing With The Stars!  This batch of stars is very evenly matched and, at this point,  it's really anyone's ballgame!  Check that!  It's anyone's BALLROOM!