Coming up at the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden, enjoy a week-long festival with tons of fun stuff like photography, hot air balloons, food, music and more.

It all starts on the 21st with Hot Air Balloons in the garden, beginning at 6pm.  Enjoy food, entertainment and family enjoyment of tethered balloon rides, as well as, full balloon rides by reservation.  For reservations, call the "Balloon Line" 270-993-1234.  The balloon rides will last up to the 22nd and reserved balloon rides through the 23rd.

The 24th, starting at 10 a.m., is the Photography Exhibition in the Cottage followed by "The Enchantment of Kate Higdon" on the 25th.  Kate Higdon is a professional photographer there to capture the moments.  Features "Fellas in Fedoras in The Flowers" as well as "Feministas in Fedoras in The Flowers. " You'll enjoy seeing several admired people in fedoras in the flowers being photographed.

Go check it all out starting on June 21st at the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden.  And for more information check out (LINK) or call 270-852-8925.