It never ceases to amaze me the things I find while cleaning. A few weeks ago it was a book of country start from the 90's that I find in a box while cleaning. Today it was a comic book from 1997 that I found.

Growing up I was a bit of a geek. I went to the comic shop at least once a week, sometimes even more than that! So finding a comic in some old boxes wasn't a huge shock. What was a shock was that it was an X-Files comic. While the X-Files comics were good, I just never got into collecting them.

So I had to take a quick read through this one to see why I had kept it. And opening the first page reminded me. It was because this comic was based on a "true" story from the small town of Kelly, Kentucky! It was the story of the little green men of Kelly.

Photo by Jordan Winders

As soon as I realized why I kept the comic, I remembered going to get the comic and the excitement that came with it when it came out. For most people anywhere else in the country, this was just another X-Files Comic, but I grew up in Hopkinsville, which is just a few short miles south of the little town of Kelly. And everyone in the area knew the story of the little green men of Kelly, KY.

Now no one really knows what to believe about the story of the little green men of Kelly, they do know that it was an interesting story. And it see it immortalized in a comic was really cool.

I look forward to my next cleaning adventure, who knows what I will find then!