Ah, social media...you can't live with it and you can't shoot it. Since Facebook made the world a much smaller place about six or so years ago, we've all come closer together, whether we want to or not.

Please note that I will always find value in certain aspects of Facebook, even if your computer or handheld device is sweating my cynicism. But, in recent years--and especially in recent weeks--Faceb0ok has taken on the characteristics of the guest that won't leave...or, at the very least, the guest that won't quit flicking your ear while you're trying to read.

Facebook provides an invaluable service to those of us who have no quicker way of finding out vital information, like when a friend or acquaintance has fallen ill. Actually, I don't think ANY of us has a quicker way of accessing OR disseminating information in 2012. I make certain my mobile device alerts me to Facebook messages for this very reason. But this does have its pitfalls.

It all started with the game requests. It is mind-boggling how many games one can play on Facebook. And, in rare moments of free time, I've played my fair share. But I have NEVER blanketed the Facebook universe with requests to friends to play them as well. If they want to play Facebook games, they will surely find them, I have no doubt.

By the same token, I'm not a fan of constant game requests, either. And, I have to say, that has subsided a great deal. It's not because I put out a strongly worded cease and desist order. It's because I repeatedly DID NOT RESPOND. Silence is indeed golden.

Vectorportal/Flickr Creative Commons

Yes, the game requests have gone away. But...no wait, BUT, they have been replaced by something that's a bit more invasive...POLITICS!!!! I realized the other day that this the first presidential election that has occurred since I joined Facebook. And I am getting it from all sides.

I'm sure you are, too. While I support anyone's right to campaign for their candidate, I realize that that entails a great deal of Facebook activity as well. I think it is crucial, as an American citizen, to vote in any election. But, I can assure you, it is absolutely NONE of my business who you will be voting for.

I celebrate your decision to exercise your right to vote, as should we all. But I will never judge you based on your political beliefs and I expect the same in return. Of course, I don't plan on sharing my political beliefs with the world at large anytime soon, but you see what I mean.

I encourage everyone to vote. And, maybe I'll even see you at the polls on November 6. But, please understand...I do not need to be reminded every second of every day who you are voting for, nor do I need a treatise about why I should hop on board.

I doubt this will put a dent into the proliferation of pro-Obama/pro-Romney rhetoric that fills my Facebook news feed, but I just had to get it off my chest.