She is wondering about what are the most meaningful jobs. I wonder where deejay or -- the term I can't stand -- "Air Personality" would fall?  Probably just north of marauding invader.  A recent survey was conducted by Payscale, on online website. They asked, "Learn how job meaning, salary and job satisfaction compare for these 100 jobs. How does your job compare?"  Here's the lowest:A job I once had working for my dad back in the 50's.


I must inquire where these folks are working? I haven't seen a gas station attendant since before I saw my last Atari.  Well, we found this picture somewhere in America.


Bless his heart. He doesn't know how low on the pole (no pun) he ranks. Number 100 out of one hundred. There was an old TV commercial jingle that read, "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star, the big, bright Texaco star".

But, up the ladder to number one we find the most meaningful job in America is --


Not only are they ranked as the most meaningful, they knock down some serious jack -- $212,900 a year!

Lumped in the middle with journalists is the term, "Broadcast" #40 (Top 40?)


Moon & Chad, the Waking Crew hosts. Meaningful, aren't we?

A Moon Shot

Check here for the survey and see where your work ranks.