On this morning's Tad Poll, we asked "What dead celebrity would you most want to be haunted by and why?" We had some very interesting comments! See if yours made the cut below!



Michael Jackson - I think if I'm going to be haunted by someone or something, we need to do it right. I want full zombiefied Micheal Jackson doing the Thriller video in my living room. And I want Vincent Price there too and I want to smell the FUNK of 40,000 years!


Jackie O - I'd love her fashion tips!


Frank Sinatra - He was cool. He drank when he worked, that's as cool as it gets. He was also married to Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow and could call upon Marilyn Maxwell any well he damn well felt like it. He was pals with John Kennedy and they used to go rowdying about, not to mention Dean Martin. I think I'd enjoy going "ghost busting" with his spirit.


Ray Charles - I'd love to be haunted by Ray because of his enormous talent and he always seemed to have the time of his life - which would be cool for a ghost...


Walter Matthau - If someone can make you laugh out loud by simply doing nothing, that's who you want haunting your bungalow. But as a ghost, Matthau would be even funnier than he already was. Think of the complaining...


Jordan RoosChris Farley! He'd make the haunting funny lol

Angela LaslieElvis because he is the King (Elvis if your reading this I don't really want you to haunt me just stay where you are)

Clayton Kellywhitney houston everyone wants to be haunted by a hottie who can has a voice of a angel.

Gaynell Parritt BallBetty Davis, I love Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte & What Ever Happened To Betty Jane!

Dawnya Hall Bolin John Wayne,so _ can have sumone to tell me to cowgirl up every now an then:-P