Haley the Intern spent last Friday night at prom.  On Monday, she was killing Moon and me with her stories about her "big" night.  She bought a really expensive dress, had a heckuva time getting photos taken, couldn't find a decent song to dance to at the actual event, and was at home and in bed before midnight.  So, I asked Haley to compile some tips (based on what she learned) for the girls at other schools who haven't had their "big" nights yet.  Here they are . . .

From Haley the Intern:

Finishing up my senior year at Owensboro High School I attended prom this Friday. Our theme was The Great Gatsby. I've been a frequent prom goer, going almost every year with a $200 budget. This year, being my senior year I went all out spending a total of $700 for dress, hair, nails, make up, the works. After attending prom this Friday I've learned a lot about prom. Here's some pointers that may help some of you ladies out!

1. Pictures

Every school is different but this past weekend for my prom I went to two different places for pictures, Cap Gardner and Smothers Park. Cap Gardner was quiet and more private but sadly the harsh winter we've had this year took a toll on a lot of the landscape there. Despite the lack of colorful scenery, I did get some amazing pictures (Thanks to my amazing photographer, Joann Fowler). Smothers on the other hand, was pretty but crazy packed! It seemed like a group text sent to everyone going to prom said, "Pictures at Smothers!" It was hard to get picture in some of the angles I wanted because there were so many people, photo bombs and so many spray tans.

Which leads me to my next tip. . .

2. Tanning

Now ladies, I like to tan for prom just as much as the next girl but when it comes to spray tans, maybe you shouldn't get that $5 spray tan. Spray tans are more expensive than that for a reason.  Pay for a good one!!  Orange is never cute, be careful with what color you pick out to bronze that pretty face with. Personally, I've never had a spray tan because I've seen too many spray tans gone wrong! But I've also seen a lot of natural looking spray tans that look awesome. I'm just too scared to try it for myself, so I rely on the sun for most of my tan or go to the tanning bed a few times before prom. Just remember if you are getting a spray tan, be careful!  Shop around and find the one that's right for you . . . and be willing to pay for than $5 for it.  :)

3. Budget

This will be my last but most important tip! As I said earlier every year I have gone to prom, I have kept a budget at about $150. But this year I splurged and spent around $700. Personally, I had a blast at prom but I would have had a blast had I spent $300 on my dress instead of $640. Ladies don't feel like you HAVE to go all out with money senior year. You'll have fun no matter what amount of money you spend, the only difference there will be is how money you have left in your bank account. I strongly advise you make a budget and stick to it! Just remember, it's only one night and you'll have fun even if you get the $200 dress opposed to the $600 dress. I'm very happy with how I spent my prom but now I have a $640 dress that I am now emotionally attached to but will never wear again.

I hope this can help some you stressed out girls gearing up for your own prom!