So, here we all were just enjoying a Really. Nice. Day. And then we get word of a slight risk for severe weather with hail being the primary threat. Uh, no kidding. I guess Mother Nature wanted to get one last little dig in before she finally headed east. Talk about the houseguest that wouldn't leave!

I've been through severe thunderstorms where hail was the main culprit, but either saw negligible amounts or none at all. Not so on the evening of April 28th, 2011. I had gotten some dinner and was prepared to go inside and enjoy it. Then the hail came and wouldn't stop. And I didn't know when it would, so I sat in my car, listened to the radio, listened to what sounded like people throwing rocks at my car nonstop, and ate dinner. Dave Spencer's own makeshift little carhop. That picture up top, in fact, is all the hail on my windshield wipers and not the inside of a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine. Now it's time for a very nice (and quiet) Friday.