Disclaimer: I am apparently old-fashioned and this is me upset about watching, what I feel like should have aired after 10:00pm on a pay-per-view channel, the Billboard Music Awards.

I realize that music is art and I'm a full believer of this theory. But, I DO NOT think that for you to express yourself, you should leave your pants at home or basically give a dude a lap-dance on stage. Maybe it's just me?!?

I'll have to say that I didn't watch the entire show. I was at my friend Chelsea's house who just had the twins and we had to take a few breaks for bath time and eating time, ha! But, I did catch most of it. I watched enough to know that I couldn't be more proud to be a country music fan and to know that I'm worried about just how far the media/public will let these artists go.

I'm even going to skip the fact that the majority of the female artist and presenters forgot their pants. I mean seriously girls, didn't your Mother ever tell you the power of leaving a little something to the imagination? Do you really need to give your bikini waxer a shout out in your red leotard?!? Yea, I'm talkin to you JLo! I mean, you're a Mother for crying out loud, have a little respect! Plus, I'm pretty sure that if you're over the age of 30 you shouldn't leave home without half of your outfit or wear a garter belt on stage! (That one's at you Madonna!) Let's look to Shania Twain for the gospel of award show attire. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more attractive woman anywhere near her age and she was breathtaking.... while being fully-clothed. Take note people...

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Now, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne's performance is what pretty much pushed me over the edge. I'm sorry, but ABC, this one is on you... We all know that these performances go through strict rehearsals that YOU approve. Did you really approve her giving him a lap dance then booty-popping stripper-style on YOUR stage?!? My Great-Aunt Brenda and Mickey Mouse are shaking their heads at you! Get a grip! Ugh... it was uncomfortable to watch and just flat-out rude! If I were the parent of a pre-teen or teenager and they were watching it, you'd be sure to get a nice little email from me. I DO NOT care what's "popular", you have a responsibility to the general public to produce a tasteful show and you failed miserably.

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Say what you want to say about country music, but that crap would NEVER fly at the ACM's. Country artists realize the responsibility they have to their audience, especially on national TV during prime time viewing. Heck, I even turned away from the TV every now and then and I'm 30 years old, ha!

Ok, ok...my rant is over. I shutter to think about what award show performances will be like when Carsyn is older. Looks like we'll just be watching old re-runs of Full House until she turns 21. (Uncle Jessie for President!!)

Oh, one more thing... Whoever is making Justin Bieber those stupid pants, please, for all things holy, stop. Aside from his attitude, they are the worst things I've ever witnessed.

(Drops the mic...walks off stage...)