This morning's Tad Poll was about the $4M jackpot.

Tonight's POWERBALL jackpot is an estimated $400 million!! And we're celebrating with our TAD POLL! If you won the jackpot, what is the first thing you would by for yourself?? Something you always wanted, but never could afford before? GO!!!


I'm a huge tennis fan, so I would spend two weeks at Wimbledon in London. The WHOLE two weeks - eating strawberries and cream, making faces and possibly obscene gestures at the royal box and watching tennis.


A new house!


Lifetime Yankees tickets!


A limo and a chauffeur!

DAVE SPENCER and Patty Baize

1969 Camero


  • Shawna Walker Hendrix I would buy my mom & dad the most beautiful headstone ever seen.
  • Kristy Roberts Milam Me and my husband cannot have children so we both agreed that would be the absolute first thing we would do. adopt a child Well prob more than one.
  • Norma Williamson give to our chruch to build a new one them go a month cruise some place where no can find us give to some of my grandkid an great grand kids throw thw the rest in the sky.
  • Leona Amber Wolfe-Hendrix First I would pee myself!!! $400,000,000!!!!!! Then like my kids when I give them their allowance ... I would roll around in it
  • Russel Brown Big ol farm on a river or lake with lots of deer and turkey!
  • Shadley Basham Boehman Uh duh!!!! I'd have Luke Bryan put on a private concert for my upcoming birthday! Hahaha
  • Samantha Tooley Absolute 1st thing? A lawyer.
  • Lonnie Carneal "Fries with my burger.