Chad always picks on poor little ole me when it comes to how much I pack when traveling. So, last night, (at 2:45am) when I was about to put my clothes in my suitcase for my beach trip, I decided to count and see just what I was taking with me. (Oh, in case you haven't listened to the Midday Show this week, I'm going to Florida with my family this coming week...wooooohooooo!)

Well, what do you think? Just how much did I really pack?!? Take a look and see...

10 Dresses

9 Belts

8 Pair of Shoes

7 Tank-tops

7 Short-sleeved Shirts

6 Pair of Shorts

5 "Going-out" Tops

5 Bathing Suits (3 that my Mom is gonna hate, haha!)

4 Tennis Outfits (I haven't played in years, but I think I'll play on vacation, haha!)

3 Pair of Running Shorts

3 Long-Sleeved T-shirts

2 Pair of Jeans

2 Get-ready Gowns

2 Hats

1 Jacket

1 Pair of Running Capris

1 Pair of Comfy Pants

Ok, ok... so maybe Uncle Tad does have a point. Maybe I do pack too much... Oh well, if something crazy happens and one of us wins the lottery and decide to stay in Florida the whole month, I'll be ready, ha!

PS... We all know all I need is a bikini and a pair of cut-offs and I'd be set, ha!

PPS... Y'all should have seen what I packed Carsyn, haha... like mother, like daughter. :)