Ken Sandefur is a longtime WBKR listener. We know him familiarly as the Birdman. Well, he's also the Bee-man.

And he recently gave an interview to Eyewitness News Owensboro reporter Zakk Gammon regarding the declining population of the honeybee.

On its face, many of us might not give that concern a second thought. But Birdman explained to Zakk, and to me during a recent visit, all the vitally things that happen because of what bees do. And, it makes sense to me. They pollinate.

And agriculture depends on that pollination for crop success. And without agriculture, well, you can see where I'm headed. Honestly, until Birdman spelled it out, it never occurred to me how important bees are to society.

One villain in this piece is a nasty virus that's been wiping out honeybee populations in Europe. Pesticides are another culprit. Hopefully, there are folks out there much smarter than us who are working on this quiet little potential catastrophe so that this can stop being an issue. In the meantime, who knows?

But, I've been seriously enlightened.

I was just enjoying the honey.