I was watching the local news on Sunday night and saw the story of a woman in South Bend, Indiana who discovered a small frog in a can of green beans she bought at Meijer.

It was the store's own canned vegetable brand, as a matter of fact.

Now, I'm only familiar with the grocery chain by reputation; as far as I know, there are none around here. But I know folks who've shopped there--Barb Birgy, for example--and they love it.

Anyway, this woman did not discover the frog until her son, I believe, fished it out of the serving bowl at the dinner table. She, of course, took the can and the toad to the local health department.

So I went to YouTube and searched "frog in a green bean can" to see if there was an available video I could attach to this story. There wasn't...at least not about the Great South Bend Green Bean Frog Folly of 2013. But there WAS a story about a woman--in Lexington--who discovered a small dead frog in a can of Wylwood Green Beans about 2 years ago.

I didn't know frogs were such fans of green beans. I didn't know something like a frog could get past any kind of screening process. I would imagine there are a LOT of uncomfortable questions that could be asked of certain people.

As for me? I'll take mine frozen or fresh, thank you. And if I want frog legs, I'll order them at a restaurant.