Do you live in Kentucky? Do you feel the the city/town in which you live is the right fit for you?

Would a quiz from the Louisville Courier-Journal that aims to find the best Kentucky city for you be helpful if you weren't able to answer that second question to your satisfaction?

Well, it just so happens that quiz exists.

Now, when you take it. Keep in mind that it was in the Louisville paper and that some of the answers from which you can choose are clearly Louisville-centric.

For example, a question about where you do your grocery shopping includes the choices Meijer, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's--stores, as you know, that can't be found in Owensboro.

Plus, Aldi, which won't open until the fall.

So, if you shop at, say, IGA, I guess you'd just need to select an answer closest to correct for you.

Have fun! And let us know if you end up calling Mayflower.

Click here for the quiz.