Okay, so here in the tri-state, we're no strangers to severe weather and, unfortunately, the sound of a civil defense siren alerting us to take shelter. But I can't remember the last time in my career that we've had this many tornado warnings in one season--heck, one year! And it's everywhere! The Midwest, the Ohio Valley, the Deep South. What's the deal with all these  tornadoes?

Well her name is Nina.  That Pacific temptress so full of herself that she goes by La Nina.  Yes, La Nina is her name. Messing with the weather is her game. Except in 2011, she's been messing by not messing.  As it turns out, you can point to her lack of staying power as the reason this year's tornado turnout has been so high. So, I now am actually looking forward to the time when it gets hotter and we can bid these ridiculous and unnerving severe weather events farewell.  I can't remember if I've ever said that in my lifetime. I guess it takes a tornado.