We've all been there. You meet someone new, you want to check out your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, word around the street is that the mean girl from high school got fat... no matter the excuse, you're stalking someone of Facebook. I've said it many times, "Facebook is a legal form of stalking and I love it". The sheer terror that takes over your body when you think you've accidentally "liked" a photo from 2011 is second to none.

Well, a dear co-worker of mine had a major Facebook "Oh, Lawd no!" moment today. Here's the hilarious mishap...

Due to complete embarrassment, we won't be using her real name. From now on, we'll refer to her as "Romy". So, Romy decided to try online dating. It lasted five gruesome days. The one highlight from the train-wreck of hundreds of messages and "winks" was a nice, attractive gentleman who struck her fancy. He matched all of her requirements and they had a lot in common. (From his profile, of course, ha!) So, an email was exchanged and he friended her on Facebook. Now, nothing has really come of this since then. (Which, I think is silly... seriously, they would look great together! Just sayin.)

So, Romy, did what we all do... stalked his Facebook page. (Ok, if you are seriously reading this and trying to convince yourself that you don't stalk people on Facebook, you're either lying to yourself or you're doing it all wrong.) Well, you see, Romy isn't great with technology, especially her smartphone. So, while checking her Facebook on her phone, she noticed her internet interest had posted a picture of his pet. I know what you're thinking, "Oh my gosh, I bet she accidentally 'liked' his photo." Yeah, no. We wish that's what she did! We're still not sure what really happened, she said it's all a blur, haha! But, somehow, she posted a picture of her daughter and her pet on HIS page!! What?!? How is that even possible, haha!!

I'm still crying from laughing so hard as I type this. And, we've gone into damage control mode... does she just leave it there and pretend she intended to post it? Does she comment below the pic saying, "Oops! Didn't mean to post this, haha!"? Or does she delete the picture, although we know he's probably already seen it?

Well, I've sure gotten a good laugh out of this today and honestly, she has too.

Stalking on Facebook is an art, my friends. You must be careful while on someone else's page, especially if you don't want them to know you're stalking them. The only Facebook stalking mistake that you can't ever recover from is thinking you've typed someone's name in the search box, but you've accidentally typed it as your status.

Happy stalking friends!