I think a lot of people my age do what I do... We tell ourselves that we're not old. We still go out (while getting home a lot earlier and taking several days to recover), we do our best to keep up with the latest trends and slang, we even try to dress as thou we still know what's in style.

But, every now and then, life has a funny way of reminding us that we're thirty and a supposed-adult. This kick in the pants happened this week in a big, big way.

It's funny how one hyphenated word can crush your soul so quickly... Mini-van.

I mean, seriously, a mini-van?!?! I'm going to have a friend who drives a mini-van?? Heck yeah I am, and I'll be honest, we're pretty pumped about it!

You've heard me talk about my friend Chelsea who has four month old twin boys, an almost four year old boy, a full-time job, dog and a husband. (Yes, I intro her that way every time, ha!) Here's the thing, we're pretty much the same person. Except for our on-going disagreement on how laundry should be done, we normally agree and respond the same way to everything. (It's actually a blessing that we met after we had finished college, because if we had attended college together... we'd still be there, ha!)

Me & Chelsea

So, you can imagine my interest when I was visiting the Rice crazy-house Monday night when she gave me the "you're gonna think I'm crazy look". My first thought was, "She's finally done it! She's killed her hubby and I'm going to have to help dispose of his body." After being shocked and thankful that wasn't the case, it turned out worse than I had thought...

"Sooo... looks like I'm getting a mini-van?!?" I could hear the anguish, fear, need for approval and slight excitement in her voice when the words trickled out. To my surprise, my initial response was happiness! Seriously!! All I could think about was how easy the car seats would fit and how pumped I was for her to have those magic sliding doors, ha! For real, that button that makes those doors slide back is flippin awesome! The relief on her face was noticeable as she could express her happiness, too! Ha! She was getting a mini-van and we couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities we'd have from it...

Girls night out (you can fit tons of Moms needing a night out in that thing!), taking all of our kids in the same vehicle (while also fitting the twins double stroller in the back!) and can you say road trip!?!? I see a trip to the beach in our near future! (Minus the kids...and men!)

So, I guess that this is a turning point for my fellow thirty-somethings. Hey, why can't we be excited AND proud to have a mini-van? (I mean, I'm not getting one anytime soon, but I'm pretty pumped for Chels, ha!) I can't wait for the mini-van to drop me off downtown on a Saturday morning after we've stayed out too long the night before. I'll sachet my happy hung-over butt right out of that van with pride!

Mini-van Momma's of the world... unite! Be proud! After all, who can transport 17 bags of groceries, 4 kids, 2 diaper bags and one double stroller at the same time? You can, my friend... that's who!