Today is September 11. In 2001, I was shooting a TV commercial in Nashville. I had just wished my mother-in-law, Faye Cloud a happy birthday and was heading over to the TV studio when I passed the hotel bar and lots of people were in there watching television. I thought that rather odd for that time of day. I found someone I worked with inside the room and he told me about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center. I had watched TV that morning while exercising. And, like you, for me, the world has never been the same since.

Today is Dylan Hubbard's 19th birthday.His mom, Toni Carie, tells me, "I have been calling his birthday in every year since his 8th birthday. The reason I remember how long it has been is because the first time I called was September 11, 2001. Dylan was turning 8 that day and we had planned a party that evening, but with the all the sadness we all felt Dylan wanted to cancel his party. Through the years I have called his birthday in and he has won the cake, I think 3 times. The reason I'm telling you this is because this is the last year I will call in for a while because on October 15th Dylan will be arriving at Parrish Island for Marine Boot Camp, our family is so proud of him. Please wish him a Happy Birthday and good luck on his new adventure!"

Well, you know it!  Here is that handsome fellow about to embark on a journey to serve his country.

We will all be thinking of you, Dylan. Happy Birthday from every WBKR listener.

Later this morning we will have a moment of silence at 7:42, the time the first planes struck.

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