The waiting list for tickets to Ellen Degeneres' talk show is something like two-years long.  And Debbie Connor of Whitesville has waited even longer than that to sit in the studio audience.  But, Saturday, she flew to Los Angeles to finally realize one of her dreams.  Yesterday, Debbie, her mother Charlotte, and her daughters Kendal and Amanda attended a taping of Ellen!  And rumor has it, we may just see them dancing with the TV host on this afternoon's episode!

Here are Debbie's daughters, Kendal and Amanda, flaunting their Ellen seat assignments.


Take a look at this photo.  This will give you an idea of how awesome those seat assignments ended up being.  This is where their seats were in relation to where Ellen sits on the show!


Yes!  The ladies had perfect seats to see Ellen and her special guests for the episode: Patrick Wilson, Josh Groban and Gwyneth Paltrow, whose segment was pre-recorded.  And they had perfect seats (close to the aisle) that allowed them to bust a move with Ellen when she performed her daily dancing segment to kick off her show.  And rumors are swirling around Facebook that we are going to see the ladies in action on television this afternoon.

Congratulations, Debbie!  And we'll look for you all this afternoon . . . hanging out with Ellen Degeneres!  And another big congratulations for getting to meet and talk with her after the show!

Ellen airs at 4pm CST on WEVV.